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Rick Bartels


Thought Leadership

Rick Bartels

Rick Bartels is a known digital therapeutics subject matter expert. He is routinely asked to participate in various DTx working groups, facilitate meetings and roundtable discussion. Rick has served as a subject matter expert for AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy), The Digital Therapeutics Alliance, The Alliance of Community Health plans, and HealthXL to name a few.

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Subject-matter Expert Experience

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DTxCC is proud to have been selected as a resource partner of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. Rick routinely participates in several DTA initiatives.

As an example, Rick is a core member of the U.S. Commercialization & Reimbursement Task Group

This group will focus on establishing payment pathways in the U.S. Efforts will include addressing commercial payor issues, establishing appropriate CPT codes, and developing a commercialization playbook.

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Rick is a member of the AMCP DTx Advisory Group

The advisory group guides AMCP to inform managed care pharmacy professionals, identify potential partners, and assist in creating and disseminating tools and resources to enhance the coverage and use of digital therapeutics.

Rick was asked to participate in two partnership forums:
1) The evolving role of digital therapeutics
AMCP held a multistakeholder forum from August 31 to September 1,
2021. Participants were asked to (1) identify current marketplace challenges and areas of opportunity around coverage and use of DTx and (2) provide input to assist health care decision makers in making coverage decisions for DTx.


PROCEDINGS Published: JMCP Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy
| July 2022 | Vol. 28, No. 7

2) AMCP Partnership Forum: Digital Therapeutics—What Are They and Where Do They Fit in Pharmacy and Medical Benefits?

AMCP convened a multidisciplinary stakeholder forum September 17-18, 2019, in Alexandria, Virginia. The goals of the forum were to (a) describe DTx and how managed care organizations evaluate their value; (b) identify where DTx fits within a covered benefit; (c) outline evidentiary standards needed for coverage of DTx; and (d) outline how payers and managed care organizations may leverage DTx for value-based care and patient engagement.

PROCEEDINGS Published: Vol. 26, No. 5 May 2020 JMCP Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy

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Rick was invited to help develop and moderate a panel discussion for the ACHIP annual spring clinical conference:

Spring 2020 Clinical Conference
Title: What’s Your Digital Strategy During the Pandemic and Beyond?
Presenters: Megan Coder, Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Peter Nixon, Kaiser Permanente, Elizabeth
Riordan, UPMC Health Plan
Moderator: Rick Bartels, Digital Therapeutics Commercialization Consultants, LLC

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Rick is regularly invited to Facilitate virtual roundtable discussions on various Digital therapeutic topics.

What are the best routes to market in DTx? (2021)
Best routes to market for DTx in the US (2021)
DTx - Pharma Partnerships (2021)
DTx - Payers & Employers (2022)
Aetna policy, employer groups (2022)


Invited to facilitate a roundtable discussion and an on-stage panelist during the “Business Models in Digital Health” in-person Chicago meeting Roundtable topic: Sustainable Business Models for DTx

Rick will be moderating an upcoming HealthXL virtual roundtable session (May 2023)
Topic: How to Structure a Deal Between DTx and Pharma Companies

Industry Associates

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