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About Digital Therapeutics Commercialization Consultants

DTxCC is a boutique consultancy focused solely on Digital Therapeutics commercialization.

Established in 2017, DTxCC is a Philadelphia based consultancy focused solely on Digital Therapeutics (DTx) / Digital Health (DH) commercialization

We specialize in:

  • DTx / DH Market Access

  • Go-to-Market strategy

  • Health data consulting and data sourcing

DTxCC provides real-world, hands-on expertise in digital therapeutic & healthcare products.

Our principals and consultants understand the entire healthcare ecosystem,

  • Complex US healthcare delivery systems:

    • Commercial payers

    • Integrated delivery networks (IDNs)

    • Medicare

    • Medicaid

    • Pharmacy benefit  management companies (PBMs)

    • VA / DOD

  • Distribution

  • Reimbursement /coding

    • CPT

    • HCPCS

    • ICD 10

  • HCP needs and behavior

  • Patient needs and behavior

DTxCC has a defined process of analysis and research to generate
optimal commercialization strategies

Review, Analyze, Research, Strategy Development

Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Analyze environment and competitive landscape

  • Create business models and value propositions

  • Identify target markets and partnership opportunities

  • Develop monetization approach and forecast revenue

  • Product launch and lifecycle management

​Business Models

  • Payer reimbursement (B2B)

  • Self-insured employer (B2B2C)

  •  Direct to consumer (B2C)


Digital Therapeutics Payer Advisory Council

Now available for custom research and advice: 


The council consists of a select group of highly specialized Subject Matter
Experts possessing Digital Therapeutics reimbursement and experience in the evaluation of digital therapeutics for reimbursement.

Our Payer Advisory Council provides actionable insight

  •  Custom qualitative research

           o One-one-one Telephone / web-online meeting interviews

  • Advisory board meetings

           o Virtual and live face-to-face meetings

Council members include:

  • Medical and Pharmacy Directors

  • Innovation / Digital Health Directors

                o National and regional MCOs
                o Pharmacy Benefits Management companies
                o Integrated delivery networks
                o Commercial Payers
                o Medicare
                o Medicaid
                o Employer benefit management

Strategic Health Data Consulting and Data Sourcing

Through strategic partnerships with premier data providers, DTxCC has access to the nation’s
largest health data ecosystem enabling us to provide real-world patient level de-identified data:

The cornerstone for commercial success when developing a digital health offering is data.
Robust data is necessary to drive adoption, secure reimbursement, develop effective
commercialization strategies and maximize resource planning and allocation.
DTxCC will help you determine the data that is needed to perform the analytics necessary to
fulfill your needs. Learn more

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