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Possibly the Biggest Healthcare Advancement of the 21st Century. Digital Therapeutics and Rx Drugs..

By: Nick Harsh

Physicians have always struggled with the limited amount of time they have to convince patients that the course of treatment they have recommended should be adhered to and followed so the desired results will be attained. They know that once the patient leaves the office all behaviors required to be a compliant patient are in the hands of the patient. Medicine only works when taken as directed.

Short of a member of the physicians care team being with the patient providing guidance and encouragement 24/7, Is there anything out there that can assist a patient to be more compliant to actually see and feel results sooner than later? Is the advancement of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) the vehicle for patient ownership of the physicians care plan? We believe the answer is yes!

We also know that manufacturers of prescription medications continue to struggle with the best way to convince physicians to prescribe their medicines.

It’s more than possible that the Digital Therapeutics Industry and the direct relationship to behavior change may be the biggest advancement in HealthCare in the 21st Century. The question isn’t is DTx valid and clinically relevant, it is how fast can developers go to have approved DTx products in the marketplace?

We recently completed a comprehensive DTx marketplace research study which yielded several significant insights including that there are four essentials that DTx products must address to become a viable player in the healthcare ecosystem.

The four essentials necessary to drive DTx adoption:

- Does it decrease cost?

> Must be real dollars

- Does it improve healthcare quality?

> Measurable results within the identified population

- Does it fit into healthcare providers’ current workflow?

>Is it easy to use

> Does it increase the practices capacity?

- Does it improve patient satisfaction? (A MUST)

The research also revealed that it is absolutely essential that DTx companies need to have a comprehensive operational plan in place at the time of launch. The operational plan needs to address:

- How will the DTx be paid for (there are multiple business model options)

-How will health care provider demand be generated?

- How will patient demand be generated?

Digital Therapeutics are 21st century tools that can create a care plan that is accountable, measurable and results in better health, sooner, with a decrease in expense and time. Both the drug and DTx tool creates accountability and proof of improvement. Digital Therapeutics are a new mechanism of action in prescription therapies.

The possibilities are endless. Diabetic patients have already seen the results of the increased capability to take charge of their condition through the rapid advancements in medicine, technology, and Digital Therapeutics. Can you imagine if this same attention to other disease states were on the same rapid path of development? Drug addiction and digital therapies come to mind. The constant feedback and reinforcement of the behavior therapy is the key to constant reinforcement of RIGHT behavior.

In this era of digital technology, the immediacy of answers available to just about any question are in the palm of your hand…. The digital or electronic interface is pervasive and entrenched in everything we do. Why not in our health care? Unlimited capacity for information, feedback, education, and immediate response is now a reality.

Our digital lifestyle demands digital medicine partnerships.

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